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Alessandro Mattioni


Born in Rome, Italy, studied physics (astrophysics).


Actually living in Zürich, Switzerland, working for a large IT company.


Photography, travelling and reading have been always my passions.


Travelling through unknown countries has always meant to me, trying to ‘see’ and ‘capture’ not only the superficial flavour that the surrounding world offers to the distract tourist, but trying to understand its culture, the traditions, smell the new scents, hear the new languages and to dive as deep as possible into the new reality.

During this osmotic process, many solid foundations of our background culture and habits are questioned. Acknowledging these differences, I realise how partial is our view and how much can we learn from other cultures. The journey through an unknown country becomes than a journey in time dimension …we rediscover ourself, we live again the curiosity of our childhood, we grow up with new inputs and at the end, once back home, we realise how different we became.


The meaning of photography is, for me, related to this discovering and maturation development.
As part of this process, it’s not a mere objective record of the surrounding world but a subjective reinterpretation.
The image passes through the photographer’s eye and than the viewer’s ones. Therefore, each image should communicate something to the viewer, or at least, this is my purpose.